On behalf of the CCOC, staff and volunteers:

We are requiring the parents of the after-school enrichment program kids to volunteer twice per year during our after-school program. The time you are needed to help is 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. We are considering removing the kindergarteners from our program if we don’t find enough volunteers to help make our program successful. We are implementing these changes for the safety and integrity of our program and in accordance with our CCOC Mission Statement and in prayer.

A sign-up sheet is inside of the CCOC for the current month for all volunteers who can help us this month. You can sign up online here.

Mission Statement. To create and maintain a positive environment for young and old alike by sharing in fellowship, faith, time and talents as we serve Jesus by serving others, while seeking to promote personal spiritual growth and involvement in one’s own church. To serve our local communities by providing a safe place for children and youth to learn high moral values and take pride in being a healthy citizen. To provide a structured place for homework.

Margaret Gartner